Why adding Virtual Card to your eWallet

Many are familiar with e-e-wallets, but not all e-wallets are the same. Different e-wallets may have different use cases and target market.
One of the interesting feature of e-wallet are the virtual card. Cards issuer have came a long way struggling in card adoption vs Cash. On e-Wallet, new user will automatically opted-in with selection of choices from Mastercard, Visa or Union pay, in their wallet, that has actual number, expiry date and cvv, to make a legit card similar to physical.
A brilliant move to speed up card adoption seamlessly, therefore open up ways of speding e-wallet credit online and pffline.
Here is a simple explaination how virtual card would allow more spending use cases.

1. Credit money into ewallet.

2. Apply for virtual Card.

2.1. Use virtual card to pay online.

3. Apply for physical card.

3.1. Use Physical card to pay at counter offline.

In conclusion, more use cases will onboard more users.