Introduction of A/B test in user testing

This is a case study of CRM company, Highrise. A/B testing is the process of comparing two versions of a web page, note that this is an old case study, we use this sample as education purposes.

1. Highrise wanted to test out different homepage to see if they could increase account signups.

2. So they created a “Long-form sales letter” page And ran an A/B test.

3. The Long-form design saw a 37.5% increase in account signups.

4. Then they created personal testimonial page.

5. It performed even better than Long-form page, but the person design was shorter and had much less information.

6. So they added more information to the bottom And ran another A/B test.

7. It turned out that adding more information made it perform worse than the original design!

8. When they test more, they would get different result.