Malaysia PahangGo Mobile App Review

PahangGo is one of a successfull govt app that benefit the people. But what makes it better than it's rival in other states that have similar app, besides the add ons services.
Here are the UX pattern that been embedded on the design. This review dated on April 2020 and ongoing changes may have been different.

Providing fewer form fields

Users are resistant to intensive tasks, same goes about filling out form fields, especially during signups when they have yet seen the value of putting effort on such task. Fewer tasks convert better.

Exposing Options instead of dropdowns

Dropdown menu hides and require additional tasks to be discover, large numbers of options can be use for dropdowns while fewer options can be expose to reduce task and provide faster decision making for users.

Default opt-in.

By defaulting opt-in strategy, users will automatically take part without having to do any task. This also form a recommendation which implies the norm. The same tactic has been used in Europe for blood donation and save lives.

Consistency pattern instead of relearn

Consistency in user interface design are common principles in design. Consistent UI and interaction will decrease amount of learning to perform task or achieve the user objective. User already have expectations of how the elements would look, behave like any other app.

Smart defaults in filling form

Implimentation of smart defaults in pre-filling form fields reduce the amount of work users have to do. This technique speed up the repeatable tasks and less time consuming. Less task convert better.

Conventions without reinventing the wheel

Consistency make user think less, it decreases the learning curve and allowing users to perform task faster.

Useful Calculations instead of asking to do math.

A user interface able to help with mathematical calculations. It will be helful to calculate for users, for example on notification page, on how many remaining days or how much amount they've ordered. The word "3 min ago" is easier to understand than "5:20pm or 17:20" from current time.

There are many more, in conclusion, the more pattern are use to help users achieve their goals, the quicker you able to see the benefits.